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Learn from the industry experts in disability and life waiver of premium claim management.

Internal training budgets have been decimated in recent years, squeezing the time and resources that in-house trainers can devote to content development and efficient delivery methods. To bridge this gap, we offer training services that are designed to meet your specific needs.

Is Outsourced Training Right for You?

  • Is it difficult to find in house training resources?
  • Are training resources up to date on industry trends, tools?
  • How quickly can you pull together a specific training program?
  • How much will it cost to find and hire new internal training specialists?

If your company needs more people or special skills to complete a training project then outsourced training may be the right solution.

Outsource Training...

  • Reduces overhead
  • Enables you to reallocate key personnel to their core business activities
  • Provides seamless integration with existing structures and processes
  • Delivers information and knowledge-based consistency
  • Imparts best training practices embedded across the organization

Training Delivery Options

  • Executive Staff Claims Training
  • Claims Analyst Training --Soup to Nuts
  • Communications – professional phone skills and letter writing
  • Work load management and process evaluation
  • Change of Definition Strategies
  • Initial Liability Determination
  • Training Manual evaluation, rewrites, and updates