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Claim Administration

We treat claimants like customers. You get better results.

Long Term Disability and Life Waiver of Premium Claim Administration


SALT helps carriers and reinsurers address the risks associated with Long Term Disability (LTD) and Life Waiver of Premium (LWOP) claim portfolios. Our expertise, combined with a commitment to customer service generates better outcomes.

Our claim administration engagements vary by customer, and may take on the following characteristics:

·         Full administration or components of carrier services (telephone call only, etc.)

 ·         Dedicated Salt team

 ·         Administration on our claim system or access to carrier system

 ·         Typically stable and mature or permanent total disability (PTD) claims

 ·         Private labeling of services

 ·     Complex Claims

 .     Home Office Plans


When a client entertains a Long Term Disability or Life Waiver of Premium claim analysis, they expect a return on their investment. We agree. Our customers typically realize a variety of direct and indirect benefits in both the short and long term. In addition, they know that their claimants are being treated with the highest degree of customer service.