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A Different Business Partner

Disability, Life, and Absence Management experts you can trust.

Why Choose Salt?

A Different Approach

You could say that we are a group of “seasoned professionals” who like to have fun…but SALT Associates is more than that. We are individuals who are dedicated to helping you achieve greater success. Our work is an extension of who we are – not the other way around. We love what we do, and we’ve worked hard to build our company.

Efficient Company, Big Advantage

When you work with SALT, you work with the owners of the company. There are no “career consultants” and no large parent company or senior management staff with distracting meetings and conflicting agendas. Accountability is paramount to the way we do business, and that means we never forget that we only exist if you like what we do. You’ve got our complete attention.

First Hand, “From the Floor” Experience

We grew up in the disability business and we understand the challenges that our customers face every day. We don’t endorse contrived solutions, and you won’t get and “off the shelf” product. Our solutions come from understanding the critical elements of the disability, life waiver of premium, and absence management business.

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