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Different by Design

About SALT Associates

SALT Associates is a disability, life waiver of premium, and absence management consulting firm providing specialized solutions to large employers, disability and life insurance companies, third party administrators, and reinsurance companies. We specialize in absence management programs, service delivery, and operational process design and implementation.

SALT differs from other companies by having a proven methodology and proprietary technology that simplifies processes, and by providing customized, project-targeted solutions. Because our company is small, SALT principals always work exclusively and directly with clients. We are dedicated to a straightforward, no-pretense approach that allows for the best strategic solutions for your project.

The SALT Name

We’re Maine people, and Maine is a place where people are measured by their integrity, authenticity, and their ability to get the job done right. Have you ever heard the term, “He’s an Old Salt”? For us, SALT embodies these characteristics: it’s part of our philosophy and our lifestyle. We look forward to sharing our ideas, perspectives, and solutions with you.

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