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A Straightforward Approach to Disability Insurance, Life Waiver of Premium & Absence Management

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Salt Associates has one mission; "provide customers with focused solutions that are designed to meet specific customer needs". After years of working in this industry, we’ve been on the receiving end of costly, "Consultant Centric" advice – and we didn’t like it. We founded SALT Associates specifically to deliver thoughtful, creative, and efficient expertise and services.


You Benefit From Our Expertise

We like to get our hands dirty. That’s where the fun is. We believe the best advice often comes from experts who grew up in this business: people who have actually done the work and understand the realities of the day-to-day grind and real world challenges. Solutions that grow out of collaboration and hands-on experience are practical, economical, and ultimately more effective.There are no self anointed "practice leaders" here.

Honest and Objective

We pride ourselves on our integrity. We provide our clients with independent, proven results, as well as objective, straightforward advice without hidden agendas. We listen closely to our clients and build on their strengths, while creating practical, successful solutions.

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Do you need expert Claims Consulting?  Do you need to fill gaps in expertise or capacity? Whatever your challenge is, we'd like to help you build the perfect solution. SALT Associates offers simple, smart, custom solutions and personal service for Long and Short Term Disability and Life Waiver of Premium Claim Services.

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